We help music education businesses acquire new students on demand

By utilising our expertise in both the music education and marketing worlds, we can make sure your business is in front of the eyes of the people you want to attract. All the time.

We specialise in training music school owners how to build their own customisable marketing systems for a profitable, scalable, and sustainable music school.

Liam Price Digital

Our marketing strategies have been developed with music eduation businesses at the forefront of our thinking and we've proved our results many times over.

In the short-term, we get around 10-20 students per month with $300 in adspend for our music school clients.

In the long term, we help them build an engaged and loyal online community for long-term visibility and stability at no additional adspend cost.

Our clients can receive 1-to-1 daily support for their marketing campaigns, and we keep our services updated as the digital landscapes change year upon year.

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