Music School Growth

We help music schools implement their own custom-built, controllable, scalable, and profitable on-demand student acquisition system in 1 week.

Here's How We Help...

Ideal Clients

Attract only the right music students for a more efficient business and happier business owner.

Community Growth

Build an engaged and loyal online following for your school so you always have potential customers.

Automation and Systems

One-click-installable software for music schools to scale their time and get them more customers.

Safety-Net Marketing

Backend Safety Net Marketing system keeps old leads engaged and continuously signing up.

Copywriting and Scripts

Tried and tested processes for ad copy, offers, and sales scripts to make getting new students easy.

Business Scaling

Business coaching and mentorship to always know what the next agenda is to drive the needle forward.

Custom-Built Advertising

Proven ad strategies to immediately bring in 10-20 music students a month on demand.

Mastermind Community

Expert guidance from over 1400 music school owners so you never have questions unanswered.

How It Works

Our Studio Ascending Sequence Program gives music school owners and music educators a customisable rock-solid student acquisition system that generates 10-20 students per month on just a $10 daily ad budget, whilst growing their brand for long term stability.

Success Stories

I ran my first campaign for just under 2 weeks and got 59 leads. I've closed 8 so far which means in the long term this could equate to over £10k in additional revenue for us.

I would highly recommend Liam if you want to develop your marketing skills and create automated processes for following up with leads and have the time to implement what is covered.

Vicki Workman

Owner, G4 Guitar Croydon

After implementing his simple, yet effective, methods, I was able to generate over 30 real leads from one week of running Facebook Ads.

Thanks to his one on one instructions, I have the confidence to grow my studio to the size I want! I highly recommend Liam if you are just starting out with Facebook Ads, or if you have tried it and didn't get the results you wanted.

Thomas Sitzler

Owner, Curtain Call Music

I received 47 responses and stopped the campaign before all the budget was spent because I had more leads than I had time to follow up! I'd recommend Liam’s service to anyone trying to grow their music business.

He really understands how to get results. He will take the time to learn your aims and goals, he works quickly and efficiently. I’ve really enjoyed working with him.

Johnny Cox

Owner, JC Guitar and Bass School

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